Brow Theory

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Brow Theory: Best. Brows. Ever.

Brow Theory takes eyebrows very seriously.

As a business dedicated to the artistry of eyebrow shaping and sculpting, Brow Theory specialises in using the threading technique. This technique is used to attain a brilliant, precise brow shape and stunning definition.

The role and importance of eyebrow shape has long been widely recognised as having a huge impact on the overall appearance of one’s face. Given this, Brow Theory provides a boutique service devoted to shaping and maintaining eyebrow shape, tailored to each individual.

The threading technique leaves skin intact and there is no pulling at the flesh, so it is very kind and gentle on the skin. For this reason, threading is used to remove hair anywhere on the face.

Brow and lash tinting complete the suite of treatments we offer.

All treatments are available in the convenience of a speedy drop-in service, in conjunction with the option to book appointments in advance.

Brow Theory offers a swift and effective solution to maintaining this truly essential beauty feature.