Black and White

Black and White is Dinosaur Designs’ latest collection by Louise Olsen, focusing on the strength of this minimal palette, exploring the art of black and white.

This almost gallery curated collection, photographed by Bart Celestino, showcases strong forms in both the jewellery and homewares. Pieces are dramatic; there is an intrinsic power to the collection. New solid forms in the homewares such as the Bow Vase and Offering Vase make perfect sculptural objects. White and black pigment is carefully applied to the pieces further accentuating their artful nature.

In the jewellery collection, accents of sterling silver add a metallic highlight to the solid black and chalk lightened by translucent charcoal hues. New Bow, Flute and Disc Bangles are designed to create strong sculptural looks when worn. The Carved Gem Necklace makes a statement piece for the neck, while new earrings such as the Crescent combine polished resin and silver for a more elevated look